Blue Badge Day Sat 23 Nov 19

This is just advance notice for the blue badge activity, next Saturday, 23rd November.

A number of cadets, approximately 30, have shown interest in attending the Squadron at 41F, next Saturday.

We are holding a whole day, between 9am to 4pm, of activities to enable the cadets to achieve a blue badge in either radio and/or leadership.

There will be a number of staff members present to facilitate the day. CI Hemming also shows his proficiency as a chef by providing a meat curry and rice for lunch, and provided for by the Squadron. If previous years are to go by then this is not to be missed! If you do not wish to have a meat curry, or you have a vegetarian or vegan diet, then please inform me or even bring your own lunch. Please also bring liquid refreshment.

The dress for the day is MTP and no TG forms are required as the event is held at the squadron. Please can cadets arrive ready for 09.00 hrs and, depending on which activities they are doing, they will finish at either lunchtime or at 4pm.

Any questions then please ask.


Sgt W

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