Oake Manor Fireworks

Good evening, The weather is not looking too good for tomorrow and we are awaiting a final decision from Oake Manor to see if the fireworks goes ahead. As it stands at the moment it is on! With that in mind please could cadets who are going, arrive at 41F Squadron at 4pm. Dress will be MTP including smock, beret , gloves and TG forms and ensure they are wrapped up warm. We normally have food provided on site but could they bring money with them in case for food or have something to eat before coming to the Squadron. Could they also bring a charged mobile phone and a torch, if they have either. Transportation poses a bit of an issue but Flt Lt Gerry Stone , APO Mike Rigby and myself have some space in our vehicles to assist. Parents may wish to take their cadets directly to Oake Manor, which would help considerably, if able to. Please keep your eyes peeled for any update on whether it gets the go ahead and thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Sgt W

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