Paper Plane - Red vs Blue Flt Challenge

As we go into what will hopefully be a lovely bank holiday weekend, this weeks Red Vs Blue Flt challenge has a VE day theme (kind of!). It is a paper aeroplane challenge ✈️☀️

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it is to build the best paper aeroplane that could win 1 of 3 categories -

Best Decorated

Longest Flight Time

Best Aerobatics

Photos or video required as evidence, no cheating 😜 Post to Facebook or email and I will post them to the website for everyone to see your amazing efforts.

Points to everyone taking part, and extra points for decoration, aerobatics and flight time.

Here are few web links to get you started -

Don't forget to tell me what Flight you are for your points to count. Closing date is 7pm Tuesday 12 May. Check out this video of the Red Bull World Paper Aeroplane Championships!

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