Poppy Selling

For those cadets attending the poppy selling tomorrow, and Sunday, please could you be at the Poppy shop, Taunton (in between Starbucks and Hotel Chocalat) at the times you agreed to be there. Dress is best blues, with geltex and gloves, and relevant TG forms. If you are staying over lunch please bring a drink, and lunch with you. Equally you can bring money to buy lunch. Those attending Oake fireworks later on Saturday, and working upto 4pm with poppy selling, can come dressed in MTP (APO Mike Rigby will put out instructions for Oake fireworks later today). Parents please could you arrange to drop off and pick up your son/daughter/ward and if they have a phone please ask them to ensure it is fully charged. A member of 41F staff will be on hand at the Poppy shop to accept the cadet.

Any questions then please ask.

Kind regards,

Sgt W

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