Remembrance Service 

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY (Sunday 10th November) Please could the cadets arrive at St Mary Magdalene church, Taunton, by 09.00 hours on Sunday morning.

They should be dressed in best blues, Wedgwood blue shirt and tie, jumper, trousers/ slacks/skirt, beret, polished shoes and black gloves and geltex (raincoat). Please can they also ensure they have a poppy on the right hand side of their jumper.

There is also a collection during the church service and we ask if they could bring some money to add to the collection. As per any external event can you ensure that they have the relevant TG forms as well please.

There will be a period of marching, physical exercise to some, and for that reason could I ask that the cadets have a substantial breakfast before attending the church, and also ensure they are hydrated.

Following the church service, 09.30-10.15, the Squadron will form up outside the church and will march through Taunton town centre and upto Vivary Park, where the memorial is situated. Please could I encourage all parents/ carers/guardians to attend and support the Squadron. You can video and photograph them throughout the parade and there is always a Squadron photo opportunity at Vivary Park.

Following the end of the parade you are free to take your cadet or the cadets can come to the Lawns club, nearby, where food and drinks are supplied. The cadets can then be collected from there.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, and we are hoping for our biggest ever turnout of cadets. Any questions then please ask. Kind regards, Sgt W

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