Taunton Armed Forces Day

Taunton AFD - Saturday 29th June, Vivary Park. A message to all cadets, and staff, who have kindly agreed to assist with Taunton Armed Forces Day, on Saturday 29th June. I have spoken with the organisers and the event will be open to the public at precisely 10.00hrs. Therefore we can come on site, to set up and assist, from 07.00hrs....I will be there from about 07.30hrs. I would like the cadets , and staff, to be on site at 09.00hrs if possible, and in any case before 09.45hrs (those cadets who are doing a later shift please come in at your chosen time). If there are any cadets who are willing to attend at 07.30...along with very understanding parents, to join me then please let me know. The organisers have said that there will be discounted food and drink for cadets and staff , so bring along some money, but also bring some food for yourselves and also some drinks. In the likelihood that the weather is warm/hot please can we ensure the cadets have access to, or have been covered with, sun cream. Should the weather be inclement (raining) please ensure the cadets have a uniform issue wet weather jacket. Please can we also ensure everyone attending has the relevant TG consent forms. On Thursday, this coming week, we will decide which standard of dress the cadets will be wearing but in any case I will be looking for a small contingent of cadets to be in MTP to run a field craft/ AT display whilst the remaining cadets wear best and working blues to run other relevant displays and assist the organisers. Finally could I ask everyone attending to note that there will be a lot of vehicles and equipment,with many people attending and therefore there will be a lot of traffic throughout the morning. If it is easier please enter Vivary Park,via foot, after being dropped off by your parents. The heavy traffic is expected near Wilton so please be mindful. The venue of the location is Wilton lands, next to the High ropes, in Vivary Park. Please wear a civilian coat to the event and bring all you need in a bag/ rucksack as we can store in our stand. Thank you, in advance, to all of the understanding parents/ carers etc who are able to taxi your sons and daughters, it’s much appreciated. Please come to the event and support us all, it is free entry. Any questions then please ask. Kind regards, Sgt W

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