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How much does Air Cadets Cost?

Air Cadets is subsidised by the Ministry of Defence, and central funds are used to support many Air Cadet activities, but these funds will only go so far. 


To ensure that 41F Sqn continues to provide for so many young people, we ask for a Monthly subscription and occasional supplementary payments for other activities.  If the financial commitment of the Air Cadets concerns you, please contact us to discuss it. 

Uniform Costs

Under Review

This cost covers both the blue uniform and Multi Terrain Pattern (MTP) uniform.  This is a one off cost, with items being exchanged. 

Shoes Costs

Boots Costs

Under Review

Under Review



£12 per month

Specialist Outdoor 


Please do not go out and spend money on rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, walking boots etc.  Please check with the Sqn first as most things can be provided on a loan basis. 

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