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Marksmanship goes a long way back in the history of Air Cadets and is one of our most popular activities. Think you can concentrate on distant targets and fire with consistent accuracy? It's not easy. It requires focus, concentration and a very steady hand.

We’ll teach you to handle a variety of weapons safely. Basic firing is always done lying on your stomach (the prone position) at static targets. Progress through the syllabus and you'll experience different types of weapons, firing positions and could even take part in shooting competitions if you really prove your skills.

Ranges come in different shapes and sizes but all are in controlled conditions with full training on any weapon that you handle - safety is our top priority. To start with you'll be firing at targets that are fairly close - around 25m away. As you advance through weapons and your skill builds, you will fire at targets 100m or more away.



41F Squadron is lucky enough to have its own, brand new air rifle shooting range on-site, due to be commissioned at the end of May 2019.


The range will be used to train air cadets in the handling of weapons and the principles of marksmanship. There is a range of badges and awards available to cadets as their skills improve and also competitions organised by the corps.


Our ability to shoot at Squadron HQ is limited to the air rifle but other weapons systems are available to use at other local military shooting ranges, opening up opportunities to fire the 5.56mm L98A2, which is a non-automatic version of the standard issue British Military rifle and the L144A .22 rifle.

Air Rifle
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