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D of E Requirement Changes

We’re refreshing our Expedition Requirements to offer more flexibility and choice and make sure they meet the needs of all today’s young people.

When the pandemic began, we put in place temporary changes to the Expedition section – ensuring young people could still do their DofE.

Since then, we’ve held a two-year review, speaking to thousands of young people, parents and carers, DofE staff and DofE volunteers. You told us the increased flexibility helped more young people feel able to do their DofE. More flexibility led to more innovation and greater inclusion.

Shaped by this feedback, we’ve introduced refreshed Expedition Requirements, designed to remove barriers for young people who might otherwise feel they cannot take part, such as those with medical conditions or who require specialist support – while losing none of the quality and challenge that make a DofE Award so highly recognised.

Every young person deserves the chance to experience a life-changing DofE programme.

Read more about these changes, and when they’ll be in place, here:

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